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On April 10, HB 1452, "Family Law - Various" sponsored by Rep. Kelly Burke, was passed by the House, 91 in favor, 17 opposed. This is the 'omnibus' bill that contains long-awaited reforms of great value to children whose parents are separating.

HB4124, containing recommendations for parenting time that were formerly within HB 1452, was also passed by the House, 69 in favor, 36 opposed. 

HB1452 and HB4124 STATUS:  Go to www.ilga.gov and 'search' by typing in "HB1452" or "HB4124" in the box "Search By Number" on the right side.

HB1452 and HB4124 have now been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee and are sponsored by Senator John Mulroe of the 10th District in Chicago.  Senator Mulroe's contact information is:

Springfield office:  (phone) 217-782-1035,  (fax)  217-782-2331

Home District Office: (phone) 773-763-3810, (fax) 773-763-3881

The Children's Rights Council of Illinois is supporting these two bills, versions as of May 9, 2014.

Please call CRC-IL at 312-869-9310 for more information.

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CRC-IL affiliated groups:

The Children's Rights Council of Illinois (CRC-IL) promotes and develops parent support groups in Illinois. These Shared Parenting groups evaluate local resources, develop leadership, share best-parenting practices, and advocate for improvements to public programs.

For more information about the support group nearest you, email us, or text or leave a message at 312-869-9310.


Please note:  The Meetup group is a service for separated parents who need information about resources and shared parenting for their children.  CRC-IL membership is not required.  These support group meetings are for parents to help each other or to receive expert opinion to support their current needs.


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The Children's Rights Council of Illinois is a chapter of the national Children's Rights Council. We are a non-profit service provider led by volunteer parents.  We develop regional co-parenting support groups and provide access to a statewide network that is committed to the best Shared Parenting practices and to helping others stay connected with their children.

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